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Withymead Nature Reserve

Withymead Nature Reserve is situated between Goring-on-Thames and South Stoke in Oxfordshire and is a hidden gem that appeals to naturalists, walkers, artists and families.

The Nature Reserve is open
by prior arrangement - either email or phone the Wardens:
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Withymead Study Centre Available For Hire: Contact the Wardens for information.

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August Newsletter

Withymead Nature Reserve

Withymead Nature Reserve, Little Meadow Nature Reserve and Tara's Piece are owned and managed by the Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust.

Anne Carpmael

Anne Carpmael lived at Withymead for nearly 60 years. A keen naturalist, she provided a habitat that encouraged birds, both native and migratory. Prior to her death in 2003 a Charitable Trust (No 1102152) was formed to preserve the house and it’s riverside land. These 22 acres now form the Withymead Nature Reserve. For more information about Anne Carpmael and the foundation of the trust, click on this link

Little Meadow and Tara's Piece

In addition to the Withymead Nature Reserve the Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust also runs two smaller nature reserves in the local area: Little Meadow Nature Reserve, a mile to the south of Goring on the River Thames, and Tara's Piece, also bordering the river, which lies a 50m to the south of Withymead. Click on the following links to see more information on these reserves:

We aim to boost local wildlife directly, with practical nature conservation; and indirectly, by inspiring people to enjoy nature and join in our quest to protect it.

We have a Study Centre (see panel on the right) in which we run events and training courses for the public, and there is also a special area of the reserve set aside for the Withymead Forest School. For more information about the Forest School, click on this link

Samuel Saunders

Withymead is also home to an important part of our industrial heritage. Sam Saunders was born at The Swan in Streatley in 1857. He built boats by the river Thames like his father and grandfather before him. He established the Springfield Works here at Withymead in 1870. Remnants of the slipways and boat sheds can be seen within the reserve. Look at our 'History' page or click on this link to learn more about Sam Saunders and his boat building works.


An enthusiastic band of volunteers bring a diverse range of skills and experience to help us; carrying out practical works, such as reed cutting, leaf clearance and working on the various structures around the reserve; helping with surveys and monitoring, water quality, species recording and so on.

Volunteers also help with administrative tasks, producing newsletters, helping on the website and most importantly - fund-raising...

Contact us to become part of our team and help make a real difference for our natural heritage.



We have had a few suprises over the last few weeks in the Reserve. We were delighted to find a female Wasp Spider in the Reserve. They are normally to be found along the south coast but are known to be spreading northwards: There have been a couple of other reports of them in Oxfordshire over the last few years. This was followed by a visit from a Polecat that we were were lucky enough to see run across the wildflower meadow.

We have had only a few recent sightings of the juvenile Sparrowhawks that were raised in the Reserve, hopefully they are fending for themselves in a new hunting ground. We still hear the Tawny Owls though that were raised in the nestbox the wood.

It has been a wonderful year watching the wildlife flourish on the Reserve with many mammals, birds, insects and reptiles successfully breeding and occupying the various habitats.

We are delighted to say that The Lucy Woodward Charitable Trust has given the ACCT a grant to purchase an all-terrain wheelchair for visitors use on the Reserve. Please contact the Wardens prior to visiting if you would like to use the wheelchair so we can meet you in the carpark.


Withymead 2007

The Study Centre is home to the Trust's educational programme

The centre hosts Training Courses and Events throughout the year, is home for the Loddon Lily Open Days, and end of month cream teas

The Study Centre can be accessed from the car park and from the Bridleway.

The Study Centre is available to hire- contact the Wardens for more information.